Testosterone I/O: New Book About How To Naturally Increase Testosterone And Growth Hormone


Along with writing this book, I’ll be releasing a 4 part educational series on testosterone and related topics coming up here soon as I put together a free Testosterone 101 series for everyone.

Guys, this one’s for you. And ladies, you may want to keep reading if this could help out a guy in your life (boyfriend, husband, etc), and indirectly benefit you as well by doing so.

Many of you know my story.

I naturally increased my testosterone levels from near zero (11ng/dl) to above average (1192ng/dl) in about 18 months. I also ended up growing 2″ taller in that period of time, which even I found hard to believe (but I was sure happy about it).


Since so many people have been asking about the process and exact things I recommend they do to make the same change in their own life, I decided I’d finally step out and devote the time to write a book/program about the subject. It’s currently underway, and it’s named Testosterone I/O.

About the name: I/O, in computer-speak, signifies the transfer of data via an input/output relationship. I am using it in this context in two ways:

  1. to signify the transfer of my knowledge and experience on the subject to you
  2. to embody the idea of this plan allowing you to ‘flip a switch,’ so to speak, in your health/nutrition/fitness plan moving forward (and as any guy with low Testosterone knows, increasing T can be life changing – and I’m NOT using hyperbole. It really can, in a very positive way)

The program is set up in the following logic flow…

It is the way biohacking should be done, and a way I have yet to really witness happen in the blogosphere:

  • Learn the system we are going to manipulate (ie. your endocrine system)
  • Understand the important principles and moving pieces to the point of confidently formulating a plan
  • Use this knowledge to actually make the hack – manipulate the system to initiate positive change


The following topics will be explored in the book, I’ll bust some myths, and follow it by a complete action plan that you can immediately implement in your own life.

  • Sleep’s role
  • What roles do social dynamics play on your testosterone level?
  • Music’s role
  • Your job, your boss, your office’s role
  • Technological influences
  • Posture
  • Does more actually sex increase T?
  • Is masturbation any better or worse than actual real sex in terms of hormone optimization?
  • How to increase testosterone and growth hormone levels as an endurance athlete
  • Cold water therapy? Myth?
  • Testosterone-profile rankings of popular sports
  • Relationship between body fat% and T
  • Injecting hormones and taking supps vs natural production (pros, cons, differences, side effects)
  • The role of carbohydrates
  • How to cheaply/conveniently test your hormone levels
  • How to jack up T & GH in quick cycles
  • Can you actually grow taller?
  • How long you can expect to work at this before you see/feel tangible results
  • And quite a bit more, by the time this bad boy is finished and edited… the ideas keep piling up

If you have any more ideas of questions/topics you’d like to read about, drop a comment below or shoot me an email! Would love to get some additional ideas!

And if you’re at all interested in hearing more news about this project as it develops, and possibly contributing some of your own ideas be sure and just drop your email in the box below or at the top of this post so I know you’re out there.