RTR036 – How To Stay Fit While Traveling

RTRnew300x300In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg (Kinobody.com) and I discuss the important topic of how to stay fit while you’re traveling: whether it’s on the road for work or on vacation.

Have you ever had a big vacation come up – and you work super hard to get yourself into great shape for the beach, a wedding, or a reunion – then you go on the trip and by the time you return your body is bloated and you’ve put on 5 lbs?

Or do you travel frequently for work and find that staying fit on the road is next to impossible?

Well then this episode is for you.

All you need is to arm yourself with a few quick and simple go-to tricks for staying (and even getting) lean on the road and maintaining your strength and physique while you travel so you don’t return home disappointed.

We want you to enjoy your trip and not fret over having ‘perfect’ diets or training.

This episode sheds light on how we stay lean while traveling…