Rusty Moore on RTR: Superman Training, The Blunt Truth About Cardio, & 3 Studies You Cite That Are Completely WRONG


road to rippedThat’s the only word I can use to describe this episode of the Road To Ripped.

Rusty Moore, Greg, and I hopped on this show and we covered a metric ton of information. For those who don’t know, Rusty is the founder of the incredible blog and is the original pioneer who forged the path away from meathead bodybuilding and back toward building an aesthetic and athletic ‘GQ’ and ‘Hollywood’ body, for both men & women

Rusty is the author of several super-successful and high-quality programs (Greg and I have both used them with good results – see Greg’s video below).

  • Visual Impact Muscle Building
  • Visual Impact for Women
  • Visual Impact Cardio
  • Abs Blueprint (<- Free)

Thanks a million!