RTR029 – Achieving An Elite Physique with Mike Matthews of MuscleForLife.com

RTRnew300x300Mike Matthews takes us on a tour of epic proportions through exactly what it takes, and how long, to achieve an elite physique.

In the longest episode of the Road To Ripped podcast to date, we sit and talk with Mike about anything and everything pertaining to busting myths and how to make steady progress with your physique.

Mike, even after 6 years of training, had an OK physique – but he wasn’t satisfied with OK. He wanted incredible.

So he made some minor shifts in his training. And holy crap did it make a big difference.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or go on a long walk, and enjoy as we wade through the following topics and a TON more:

  • – What exactly did Mike do to make such a profound change?
  • – How long did it take him to achieve this? And what should you expect?
  • – Mike’s sage advice for people beginning this journey
  • – The difference between effective men’s and women’s training protocols
  • – How the supplement industry is completely screwed up, and what he’s going to do about it
  • – And much, much more…
  • You can learn more about Mike over at Muscle For Life.

    And check out his books here:

    • – For Men: Bigger Leaner Stronger
    • – For Women: Thinner Leaner Stronger

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