RTR020 – Nia Shanks: Binge Eating, Why Women Should Lift, and How To Get The Perfect Butt

“I’m repping for the ladies today!” – Nia

road to rippedWe are so glad to have Nia on the show today!

Nia is our first woman guest! To all of our women listeners: you’ve been asking for some advice on things like IF for women, how to lift for a great womanly physique, and solid tips on glute training to get the perfect butt, and Nia is the perfect person to answer all of your questions.

She has a really similar approach to Greg and I in terms of using simplicity and consistency, stripping things down to the basics, to achieve the best results possible.

And guys: this episode is definitely not just for women. We talk a lot about topics that apply directly to men too. And if you’ve ever had any problems with binge eating or super restrictive dieting, I really think you’ll get A LOT out of this episode.

The very first topic we get into is super important. Nia’s psychological insights are so so so valuable.

You can find Nia on NiaShanks.com (Lift Like A Girl).

Some great reads on her site are:

  • The Dark Side Of Intermittent Fasting
  • 8 Reasons Women Should Strength Train
  • Why You Should STOP Focusing On Fat Loss, Even If That’s Your Only Goal

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