RTR014 – Nate Miyaki: The Great Paleo Debate, White Rice Isn’t Evil, and How To Eat To Support Your Training & Physique Goals

road to rippedConsider this episode a master class in nutrition and training.

Nate drops truth.

IMHO this is the most informative RTR episode to date, so please do not miss it. Nate, Greg, and I discuss everything you need to know about carbohydrates and macronutrient concerns in your nutrition plan.

And Mr. Miyaki is no schmuck. Nate’s written for some of the biggest fitness sites and magazines on the planet and has been training for 15 years, both as a competitive athlete and physique competitor.

He trains private clients from all walks of life, body shapes, and athletic pedigrees.

Nate’s also the author of the ever-popular Intermittent Feast program.

You can find Nate at NateMiyaki.com