RTR033 – Golden Ratio Bodybuilding & Steroids In Hollywood with Mike Matthews

In this week’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg and I sit down with RTRnew300x300Mike Matthews of MuscleForLife.com for his second interview on RTR. After his last interview, one of the most popular episodes to date, Mike delivers once again… this time with two loaded topics: golden ratio bodybuilding and steroids in hollywood. This show is 90 minutes of great information.

In this episode we discuss:

  • – How to build the ideal male body based on the golden ratio
  • – How to build the ideal female body
  • –  The exact measurements you should be looking for
  • – Who is on steroids in Hollywood, and how you can tell
  • – How Henry Cavill gained so much muscle for the new Man of Steel movie
  • – How to build up problem areas with training
  • – How to accept the fact that you can’t have perfect calves ;)
  • – And much, much more…