Kris Wolfe of Good Guy Swag: An Episode To Remember

RTRnew300x300In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg ( and I sit down and talk with friend, fellow blogger, and founder of the incredibly inspiring website about the importance of developing inner strength and working on congruence in your life as you move towards your goals: whether they be fitness & physique related or life, relationships, or job-related.

This episode is chock-full of wisdom and really highlights the importance of integrity, value, and congruence in finding confidence in your life.

Most people never look beyond the surface (ie. food + training) when it comes to fitness/fat loss/physique transformations.

However, in choosing to undergo a challenge like optimizing your health and physique, you are opening yourself up to positively impact many other facets of your life.

Here at the Road To Ripped podcast, we place an enormous emphasis on a holistic approach to goal-setting and health/fitness in general, meaning we continually point out to all of our listeners how important this journey is as a personal development tool – not just a physique development tool.

As you move forward in life you need to really find congruence with your actions and who you are if you plan to maintain progress and avoid stagnation, mediocrity, and unhappiness.

Give this episode a listen.

In this episode we discuss all of this and much more.

– How Kris went from 6 foot tall and 130lbs to 190 and shredded (see the video below)

– Why you need to go from being a nice guy/girl to a GOOD guy/girl

– How to stop living in shame

– The value of integrity, confidence, influence, and truth in your quest for a great body and life

– The effect of getting into incredible shape on the development of your confidence

– How getting into shape ties intricately into Good Guy Swag

– How Kris landed Miss USA as his Mrs.

– and a tonnn more…