Introducing The Smart Drug Series

You’ve asked for it so we’re bringing it to you!

I’ve teamed up with my buddy Garrett Ruhland, Duke neurochemist who works with the cutting edge nootropics startup truBrain here in Los Angeles, and we’re going to be releasing an ongoing series on focused on educating you about smart drugs.

Here’s how it will be structured:

  • > We will release a weekly post and/or video discussing specific cognitive enhancement aspects using smart drugs
  • > We will also include a quick-and-dirty PDF ebook version of each lesson
  • > Eventually we will release the entire series as an ebook guide for you on

As we sat down to plan this series, we were faced with the choice between just hammering out one long ebook and giving it you, or releasing the book chapter-by-chapter with an accompanying video.

We chose the latter for a couple reasons:

  • > We want you to help us dictate where the series goes. A blog post/video format allows us the luxury of a comments system, so leave your questions in the comments section below each post as you read it. If you ask good questions we may even end up doing entire videos/posts devoted to them.