How To Use Bloglovin’ To Follow All Your Favorite Blogs On Your iPhone

I was checking my site stats the other day and noticed that one reader came to the site via something called Bloglovin’. The name was memorable and it sounded interesting so I Googled it to find out more.

Little did I know I’d be stumbling on something that I’ve been in need of for months now.

You see, I love to read blogs – even more than books – but reading a blog on a smartphone browser can be a pain, especially if the site doesn’t have a responsive design or uses flash. So I’ve been searching for something similar to a blog reader and RSS feed for my phone that will display the posts in an easy-to-read fashion.

Enter Bloglovin’

It’s totally free – which is AWESOME. (Thank you Bloglovin’ – and that’s part of the reason I’m advocating it right now. When someone puts out a great product for free I feel the need to do my part to give back by spreading the word a little bit).

It’s also ridiculously easy to set-up (took me less than 60 seconds to sign up and follow several blogs) and has a super intuitive minimalist-inspired interface – something I definitely appreciate.

My new favorite thing to do is to catch up on all of my favorite blogs’ new posts while I sit in bed right before dozing off.

They also integrated a couple really simple but useful features such as ‘liking’ a post (and being able to go back and read all of your liked posts) and marking a post as read or unread – another great way to sort out content you’ve already consumed.

They also recommend popular blogs and popular posts to you as well if you want to explore the blogosphere a little bit. The only negative I see is that it doesn’t appear to be available for Android. Sorry guys.

So all-in-all, I highly recommend this free iPhone app for blog readers. If you’re looking to save tons of time and eye strain while consuming your favorite content from literally anywhere (bus, train, bed, toilet, etc) then this is a wonderful app that will meet your needs.

So without further ado, I figured I’d set up a quick-and-easy tutorial for you guys to show you how simple it is to sign-up and follow (if you feel so inclined :] )

Also – thank you to whomever came to NG from Bloglovin’ initially! Without you I’d have never found out about it. If you’re reading this right now send me a quick email at and I’ll give you a shout out on here!

How To Use Bloglovin’ – In 60 Seconds Or Less

    • The first thing to do is to go to the App Store app and search for Bloglovin’ – this screen should pop up. Go ahead and click ‘Install.’
    • Once it installs on your phone, click the Bloglovin’ icon and find the ‘Sign Up’ link. Enter your email and password like you would on any other app. Then click ‘Create Account.’
    • It will suggest some blogs for you to follow at first. I personally didn’t know any of the blogs on my screen so I just clicked ‘Done’ and it skipped that part. Now you’re in the app. If you click on the icon in the upper left hand corner, a menu screen will slide out. Now all you have to do is type in the names of your favorite blogs.
    • For example, searching for will obviously show you this blog.
    • Then when you click on ‘Follow’ it’ll bring you to a post feed. See how easy-to-read this is!
    • If you click on the post itself it’ll bring you in to read the entire thing. When you’re finished you can ‘Like’ the post if you thought it was cool. Once you go back out to the post feed it will automatically mark the post as read so you don’t have to deal with it. Convenient!
  • So yeah – that’s all there is to it! Simple! I’m currently following my ten favorite blogs and can read posts – even the really long ones – in record time and easily bookmark them by liking them so I can go back and read them again later. You can also go directly to the website itself if you’d like.


So all-in-all, Bloglovin’ rocks. Hope this was helpful to you guys! Let me know if there are any other sweet apps out on the market for blogging and blog reading – I’m pretty much an app nerd so I’d love to hear any suggestions.

Also, in case any of you are in need of some really killer blogs to follow, I also wanted to put together a quick list of my Top 10 favorite blogs on the internet right now (this list changes all the time but this is the most current iteration). These may not apply to all of you – and that’s fine – but they’ll definitely be helpful or at least interesting for some of you.

You can also follow these blogs on Bloglovin’ if you can’t think of any other blogs to start with besides NoGym:

  1. Live Your Legend – Scott Dinsmore
  2. Fat-Burning Man – Abel James
  3. Johnny B. Truant – Johnny B. Truant
  4. Man Vs. Debt – Adam Baker
  5. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development For Smart People – Steve Pavlina
  6. ThinkTraffic – Corbett Barr
  7. The Smart Passive Income Blog – Pat Flynn
  8. ViperChill – Glen Alsopp
  9. Zen Habits – Leo Babauta
  10. Kinobody Fitness Systems – Greg O’Gallagher

PS – While we’re on the topic of apps, my buddy, Hudson Duan – the Mobile Lead of Radius (a ridiculously sweet new app from out in Silicon Valley) –  and I are in the early stages of creating an Intermittent Fasting app for iPhone. We noticed that there is currently only one IF tool in the app store and it is horrendously awful. So we’re taking it upon ourselves to make everyone a rock-solid IF app with some killer features including:

  • Macro calculators
  • Calorie calculator
  • Timer integrated with your phone’s internal calendar app (so it auto-pings you when your fast is almost over)
  • Progress charting
  • and possibly even some simple food recommendations

If you can think of some other cool features you might like just let me know in the comments and if they’re good we’ll include them. Thanks!

– Chris