Day In The Life Of Chris and Greg (Announcing The New Road To Ripped TV Show)

RTRnew300x300In today’s episode of the Road To Ripped podcast, Greg ( and I walk you directly through a typical day for us.

As you may know, the Road To Ripped podcast is now officially produced out of Hollywood, CA.

We just moved the show here and have some BIG plans for it and this community.

But guess what… this entire experience is completely new for us.

We are in a new apartment situation.

Eating different foods and shopping at different grocery stores.

We have different transportation.

Heck we’re even getting harassed by celebrity comedians (you’ll have to listen to the show to hear about that one ;)

But if you think about your own life, this might not be all that different from what you may experience (somewhat) frequently, whether it’s moving around, traveling for work, going on vacation, or just visiting the in-laws for the weekend.

Life isn’t always going to be rosy and predictable.

So you need to make sure you can establish flexible habit patterns.

You can’t always train in the same gym.

Eat the same foods.

Sleep the same amount in a nice, quiet bedroom.

Or use your preferred mode of transportation.

For many of us, this uncertainty causes undue anxiety in a new scenario.

But it doesn’t have to.

We want to help, so we walk you through exactly what we’ve been doing every day while we adjust to the new environment as we learn our way around: how we train, eat, converse, leisure, and grocery shop.

At the end of this episode we also announce a VERY special announcement about our new TV show component of the Road To Ripped.

Holy crap, we are stoked.

Big plans.

Please listen to the announcement and let us know what you think!

And if you have any special expertise in production, editing, camera work, photography, or anything else in video/cinema/TV and are interested in helping, either physically or by hopping on a Skype call and letting us learn from you, we’d love the help!

Just shoot me an email at

Enjoy the episode!

PS. Remember if you live in the Los Angeles area and are free on Sundays to train with Greg and I at the Santa Monica beachfront we’d love to meet you and have some fun together. Just let us know you’ll be there!