RTR018 – Brad Pilon: Goal Hijacking, All Your Intermittent Fasting Questions Answered, And How To Achieve The Perfect Hollywood Physique


Today’s show is with intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon. Brad is the author road to rippedof the revolutionary intermittent fasting protocol Eat Stop Eat.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this interview but Greg did an incredible job. This show is chock full of so much great information… thanks Brad!

Here’s what is discussed:

1. How Brad stumbled upon the incredible effects of IF

2. Similarities between exercise and fasting and their synergistic effect when combined

3. Training yourself to handle fasting

4. How IF can boost testosterone when you break your fast

5. Why overeating will wreak havoc on your testosterone if you’re a man. But increase it if you are a women.

6. The science behind muscle memory and why lost muscle is never truly lost

7. Goal Hijacking. Gaining perspective on the goals behind our workouts

8. Why conventional workout routines fail to improve your aesthetic look and can actually hurt it. This is why so many people struggle to get the hollywood physique

9. The perfect measurements and how to build them


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Check out Eat Stop Eat for more info on Brad’s book and program.


And his Adonis Effect & Venus Index Programs