Biohacking My Way To Exhaustion


I literally could not stay awake any longer.

I stumbled into my bedroom and passed out, falling into a deep sleep just as my face hit the multi-colored pillow case.


4 hours later I pulled myself out of bed. It was 8pm.

I put on a shirt, grabbed my car keys, and drove over to Whole Foods to fill my “4 pounds of meat” quota for the day, rain spitting out of heavy cloud cover above Austin. Two bites into my first bacon-cheese-beef burger patty I felt like a new man.

All was right in the world again.

Back to normal.

So What Happened?

Life has been busy lately. And kind of stressful. In a good way.

I’ve got lots of projects to juggle and endless interesting work to keep my mind occupied.

I’m curating a cookbook, for example.

And it’s freakin’ awesome. The launch is looming and as it inches closer and closer to launch day it seems as though I have more and more to do.

I come up with a better way to market. Or we start looking at new format changes. New design elements. Tablet formatting. Image sizing. Recipe additions and late submissions.**

But it’s all good.

At least I’ve begun talking in food puns.

A good skill to have.

But sometimes I get as frustrated as a cannibal and throw up my hands in dismay. 

That’s where biohacking comes into play.

Smart drugs to be exact.

When you are required to sit in front of a computer all day you start to reach for new ways to keep your brain focused on the task at hand. YouTube and Facebook become magnetic. And your eyeballs iron.

I’d been taking with my morning coffee (and fish oil) and a gaping focus vacuum opened in my brain. And with all of the work to do – the inability to focus is not a good feeling.

I started by trying to break up my work into bite sized pieces, with small rest intervals.

45 minutes of work, 10-15 minute break. That quickly devolved until I was working for 15 minutes before taking a 10 minute break… then dragging myself back to the computer to keep chugging. Eghghh. Not cool.

So boy was I happy when Abel offered me a smart drug resupply.

Oh yeahhh.

Piracetam, aniracetam, sulbutiamine, and choline bitratrate.


Problem solved.

Kind of.

With my new supply of cognitive enhancement powders and A LOT of work to do, I charged into this week head on. And decided to choke down a couple mega doses, experimenting with slightly different cocktails.

They all worked.

I’ve had a madly productive week.

Within minutes of my last repulsive taste-induced dry heave (mixing the powders in water, plugging my nose, and throwing it back – followed by a healthy chug of my  fish oil), my unfocused periphery fades out and I start CRUSHING my to-do list. BAM. Time slows down. I get a TON of work done.

It’s incredible.

Until today.

I decided I’d just drink coffee.

Not a good day.

Equal And Opposite Reaction

One of the universe’s seemingly immutable laws is that there will always be a compensation mechanism present and ready to take charge when given the opportunity.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

For example, illicit drug addicts and alcoholics live an accelerated life. If you look at the brain of a chronic heroin abuser, you’ll barely recognize it next to an average healthy brain. It would seem as though any high-seeking activity that incites heightened life experience also seems to draw more heavily upon your life’s/body’s energy.

And some people believe we only have a finite amount of energy to draw upon before death.

With this in mind, I’m absolutely not surprised that my body took an opportunity to crash today. It needed time to recover from the last couple days.

I’ve been accelerating my focus – pushing my brain hard.

And in this case (non-illicit, safe use), the compensation mechanism seems to be SLEEP.

I can deal with that.