I’m a 24 year old blogger, podcaster, and developer with flick.vc. Self-experimentation & foundational learning are at the center of my life philosophy, and this way of living has pushed me quickly through many interesting experiences: as an ‘amateur’ surgeon in Mexico, nootropic lab rat, professional model in NYC, and the first student to get through Duke’s neuroscience program in three years. It also helped me quickly mitigate the negative, at one time crippling, side effects of my brain tumor, and now I’m teaching others how to learn the same way by encouraging flexibility and emphasis on principles.

Self-experimentation also helped me lose around 50lbs of fat and gain 25lbs of muscle over a 3 year period after ballooning up to a hefty 221lbs and 30% body fat because of hormonal complications with the tumor. During that period of time, I naturally increased my testosterone from 11 ng/dl  (almost nothing) to 1192 ng/dl (far above average) in around 18 months. I’ve got a book on that, too.

Health & fitness are a huge part of my life, but not the focal point – and that’s what NoGym’s about… teaching others how to put their fitness goals into the correct perspective, and hitting all of those goals in the process. Training and nutrition should not detract from your life, they should enhance it.

It’s very possible. And very simple.

Deceptively so, even.